Winter Warmer, Lentil Soup


If it is cold outside and you need something warming, try my winter warmer, lentil soup. It will fill you up and warm you up from the inside out. It is so quick and easy to make and will feed many hungry mouths. There is an added bonus of carrots in the soup which will help towards everyone’s 5 a day.

Soup is a great way to add veg to your diet and if you blend it all up no one will notice. I will admit to telling a few white lies in my time about what is in something I have made, and I am sure there are many parents up and down the country who also do the same. We not only eat with our mouths, but with our eyes, nose and brain. If something looks appetizing and smells good we are far more likely to eat it, and if I was given a plate of food and told that it contained liver, I would be more reluctant to eat it opposed to not being told all of the ingredients. Haggis is a prime example as it contains amongst other things, lungs and liver, but it tastes fabulous.

If your kids are not sure about tasting the soup, give them a piece of nice crusty bread and let them dip away. Kids love to dip and dunk and soup is definitely a dip and dunk food.

Try my lentil soup today, and look for other tasty recipes at

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