What Can I Cook Tonight?

How many times do you think this every week? Do you feel that you are always cooking the same meals and need some variation? Help is at hand here at My Family’s Favourite Food, I have lots of ideas for your family’s meal times. My tasty recipes are easy to prepare using ingredients readily available from the supermarket and are also kind to your wallet. ‘What can I cook tonight?’ can become a thing of the past and you now have lots of fresh ideas that will keep the whole family happy.

Pasta With Peas and Ham

We can all get stuck in a rut when it comes to deciding what to make for dinner. However, the internet and social media have opened up 1000’s of recipes we can now access. Supermarkets, newspapers and magazines are also excellent places to get new ideas. If you do not have very much experience in the kitchen all of my recipes are simple to prepare requiring no special techniques. I am a home cook and realistic about the amount of time people have available to prepare meals. I appreciate that it can be daunting to start cooking from scratch when you have not done so before. My advice is to pick a recipe, get all the ingredients out, give yourself plenty of time (ignore the time it says to cook the dish), and if possible, have the kitchen to yourself and give it a go. My Pasta with Peas and Ham – pictured, is a great place to start, it is easy to make and full of flavours everyone will love.

What Can I Cook Tonight?

Kids are excellent at telling us exactly what they think of something, especially if it is new or different. Food is no exception, so be prepared for some honest views. Hopefully you will get some positive comments and clean plates, but like life itself, there may be some negative ones as well. They may be just because the dinner you have prepared is new and not the normal, whatever normal is. It may be because there was one particular ingredient that did not go down well. If this is the case, consider swapping it for something else. All recipes can be altered and adapted to suit your family, nothing is set in stone.

Have a go and cook something new, you may surprise yourself!