We all love a banger especially in the summer on the barbie when the weather permits. You may not be aware of the vast difference in the quality of sausages available. The higher the % of meat the better quality sausage and you will find this information on the packet, and I have seen the meat content way down at 37%. they were cheap sausages.Try to buy the best quality sausages you can. Don’t be fooled by packaging saying ‘Butcher’s Style Sausages’, thinking that they must have the highest meat content. I have done a quick online check and found that Sainsbury’s ‘Butcher’s Choice Sausages’ have 72% pork compaired to their ‘Ultimate’ range of pork sausages which have 97%. The price difference between these two types of sausages is marked. The ‘Butcher’s Choice’ ones are £1.50 for 454 g, apposed to £2.50 for 400 g for the ‘Ultimate Range’ sausages. It is very easy to see why people opt for the cheaper range.

What you can do is to buy a packet of cheaper, and a packet of more expensive sausages. When you get home, mix the two packets together and freeze the extra for another day.

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