Quick Dinner Ideas

How often do you struggle to decide what to cook for dinner? I do not think there is a household in the land who has stood looking at the supermarket shelves wondering just what to have for dinner. Here at My Family’s Favourite Food there are lots of quick dinner ideas for you to choose from.

I am not only passionate about cooking, but making tasty food all the family will enjoy. Also I want to make it easy and healthy without spending a fortune. Once upon a time healthy cooking was perceived as a bit cranky and involved endless nut roasts, veggie burgers and trips to specialist food shops. Nowadays the reality is far from this, and quick healthy dinner ideas are easy to prepare from scratch does not have to mean buying ingredients from delis or specialist shops. All the ingredients I use come from my local supermarket and there are no complicated cooking techniques. My website will show that even the novice cook can prepare a delicious meal from scratch. I have quick dinner ideas for you to try and even if you only have a little experience cooking do not worry, take it one recipe at a time. Pick a recipe, get all the ingredients out, give yourself plenty of time and if it helps empty the kitchen of onlookers. Ignore the timing on the recipe and go at your pace.

Cooking from scratch can save you money. If you and your family have a takeaway twice a month costing about £40 each time, that is £80 per month and a whopping £960 every year. I am certainly not saying ban takeaways, but if you swapped one takeaway a month for a year you would save £480. It is also possible to recreate some of your favourite takeaways at home, not only will this save you money, the food will be healthier. Takeaways are delicious but they are packed full of sugar, salt and fat. Preparing meals yourself means you know exactly how much salt, sugar and saturated fat you are adding.

We all lead busy lives which I am sure is made even busier by social media. Having a collection of quick dinner ideas will make your life so much easier when you are running around after school, trying to fit homework and swimming lessons in before you are out on the Scout run. My best time saving tip which I do all the time is to bulk cook. If you are making chilli, it takes very little extra time to make double the quantity. Freeze the extra, then on a day you know you are going to be short of time, take it out of the freezer and put it into the fridge in the morning. All you need to do at dinner time is cook some rice and veggies. Dinner quick and easy.

Quick Dinner Ideas

If you only have an ice box in your fridge and no freezer, there are time saving solutions for you. Put the extra food in the fridge, then reinvent it. It may sound complicated but it isn’t. As a child I can remember that if we had the same thing for dinner two nights in a row it was wholly unacceptable. Even doing something as simple as having pasta rather than rice with the leftover chilli can, in a child’s eye, make all the difference. They feel like they are not having the same meal twice. Another alternative is to bake jacket potatoes, when they are cooked, half them and scoop out the potato. Fill the empty skins with chilli then mash the potato to getbrid of any lumps and put on top of the chilli. A little grated cheese and a few minutes under the grill means everyone will be happy.

Cooking from scratch does not have to be difficult or time consuming. You can cook tasty, healthy family food with my quick dinner ideas