I is for Ice Cream and Iceberg Lettuce

 Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!’

Not just reserved for summer time, the ice cream industry is now a multi billion pound industry throughout the world and boy we do love it. Nowadays there are 100’s of flavours to choose from. I did a quick internet search and came up with the following which are actual flavours; carrot mango, peanut butter curry, purple sweet potato and bubble gum. For those of us who are less adventurous with our ice cream flavours we can still get chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

While we now have these wonderful flavours, ice cream started with a very humble beginning in the 5th century BC. The Greeks mixedI is for Ice Cream and Iceberg Lettuce snow with honey to form a iced dessert, and in 400 years BC the Persians mixed rose water with vermicelli and added fruit and saffron. Over the centuries these early forms of ice cream gradually became more dairy based and more the the ice cream we know and love today.

China has the highest production of ice cream in the world. Over the years 2008-2014 the total market value for ice cream made in China nearly doubled, soaring by 90% to a staggering $11.4b. In the same period the USA ice cream market increased by on 15% to $11.2b.

However, the consumption during these years of ice cream was higher in the USA  than China, at 8.5 litres per person per yearBanana Ice Cream compaired with 4 litres per person per year in China (mintel.com July 2016).

If you and your family are ice cream lovers I have an alternative to traditional ice cream made from cream and sugar. Banana Ice Cream, super quick and tasty, there is also a variation which is even easier, Banana LollypopsYou can also play about with the recipe, add some cocoa powder, coconut or frozen fruit and it will still be super healthy.

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce often gets a bad name for itself, having a reputation as being uninteresting and having very little nutritional value. I have witnessed people rate a cafe by whether or not they use iceberg lettuce, ratings go down if they do. I is for Ice Cream and Iceberg LettuceIt is really crispy which does make it ideal in a sandwich or a salad, and it is quite a bit cheaper than some of the other salad leaves available today. It’s high water content does make it a little less nutritious than other salad leaves, but it does provide us with Vitamin K which supports our bone health and helps blood to clot at the site of an injury, potassium,iron,calcium and fibre.

Iceberg lettuce has been popular in the USA for decades. It got it’s name from the piles of ice that were packed around it when they were loaded into train cars to be shipped across the US in the 1920’s. It is an all year round product and as it has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks it is shipped all around the world.


Fun Facts

Ice Cream
  • the tallest ice cream cone ever made was 3.08 m tall. It was made by Henning-Olson IS AS and Trond L Woien of Norway on 26 July 12015 (www.guinnessworldrecords.com, photo courtesy of www.guinnessworldrecords.com).​​I is for Ice Cream and Iceberg Lettuce
  • just in case you have ever wondered how many licks you need to take to eat a single scoop of ice cream, it is about 50
  • it takes about 1 litres of milk to make 900 ml of ice cream
Iceberg Lettuce
  • lettuce is ready for harvesting 65-130 days after sowing, the length of time depends on the variety
  • ancient Egyptians cultivated lettuce about 6,000 years ago
  • Americans consume about 30 lbs of lettuce each annually