How to Line the Base and Sides of a Cake Tin


Here i will show you how to line the base and sides of a cake tin in a few easy steps..

Remove the base of the tin and place it on greasproof paper. Draw round the outside and cut out. Put the base back into the tin then grease the base and sides of your tin with margarine or butter. Place your circle of greaseproof onto the base and press down.

Measure the depth of your tin and add 1.5 cm to your measurement. With a piece of string measure the circumference of your tin. These two measurments give you the size of greaseproof paper you need. Measure and cut it out, then use it to line the sides of your tin. Press it into the sides to ensure it sticks.

You can see in image 2 below, the greaseproof paper does not go all the way round the inside of the tin. It all depends which way you cut your greaseproof paper. I have used the width of the roll of paper


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