Price of Courgettes

How Much?


I am a big jigsaw fan, however I am not a big fan of sorting the edge pieces from the inside pieces before starting. So every time I put a jigsaw away, I put the outside pieces in a small plastic food bag, making life so much easier when I come to do the jigsaw again.

When I emptied the pieces out the other day I noticed that there was a price sticker on the bag. It was from Safeway in 2004, now a defunct supermarket it was ahead of the game in its time. Customers weighed their own fruit and veg and a price sticker appeared from the machine to stick on the bag. I had bought courgettes at £2.29 per kg. I was really surprised when I looked up the price of loose courgettes today, £1.90 in Sainsburys.

I had assumed that all food prices would have gone up in 13 years, but no, there are some exceptions. Quite satisfying, I do like a bargain.



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