Healthy Family Recipes

‘What’s for dinner?’ This is a cry from kids heard up and down the land everyday. But what if you do not know what is for dinner, or you want to make something healthy but do not know where to start? There are loads of healthy family recipes to choose from, and the recipes here at My Family’s Favourite Food are not only healthy and tasty, but they are kind to your wallet too.

More than ever before we have a huge choice of food, whether it is in the supermarket, corner shop or takeaway. Unfortunately a lot of the cheap food is highly processed, containing a lot of sugar, saturated fat and salt. While the low prices are really attractive to those who do not have much money to spend, lots of processed food is not kind to our bodies. Some people I have spoken to just do not know where to start when trying to make meals that are healthy and not expensive. Hopefully with a little guidance and a few useful tips, I can show you how to prepare healthy family recipes, which are not complicated and only use ingredients from a supermarket.

‘Healthy food is expensive, biscuits are cheap’. Yes, lots of biscuits are cheap. In TESCO you can buy a 300g packet of ginger nuts for 25p. However if you shop carefully you will discover that you can buy a healthy snack for as little as 11p per person. Bananas. I bought 6 medium sizes ones for 67p this week from my local Sainsburys, that works out at 11p per person for a healthy snack that will keep you going. Foods like biscuits and chocolate are moreish, so once you have had one it is very easy to eat more, and before you know it you have eaten a lot of ’empty’ calories. When buying bananas don’t just grab the first bag you see. More often than not it is cheaper to buy them lose rather than in a bag. Bags of bananas usually contain bananas of the same size, whereas the loose bananas quite often range in size. If the loose bananas are all large, no problem. Just cut off the amount you want before you peel it. The remainder will keep quite happily until the next day. The cut end will go a bit brown so if you want, just cut that bit off. I am not however advocating banning biscuits, but try¬†substituting them for a banana one day. Like any of the changes you begin to make, do them one day at a time, and let everyone get used to the new ideas.

We can find recipes in so many places these days. In magazines, newspapers, online, on food packaging and on recipes cards in the supermarket. Keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about for new ideas and alternatives to your usual recipes. The internet has dramatically changed the way we get information, and recipes are no different. I have just typed in family chicken hotpot into Google and loads of healthy family recipes came up. If your cooking experience is limited, you may find that there is too much selection and you don’t quite know how to That is fine, just wait until you have more experience under your belt.

Recipes with long lists of ingredients can be off putting even for the experienced cook. I have often disregarded a recipe due to the list of ingredients. I am wanting recipes that are are tasty, but easy enough to prepare on a school night. If I was to have a dinner party, then things would be different and I would maybe then look for the more adventurous recipes.

Supermarkets today allow us to try foods from all around the world. I remember as a child having to go to the Chinese supermarket if we wanted noodles or soy sauce. There were what seemed like endless rows of shelves, full of food I had never seen before, with writing I could not read. I don’t know how many of these¬† shops have been affected by the dominance of the supermarket, but they are fasinating places to go and loose yourself.

Whatever corner of the world you are from, it is easy to prepare healthy family recipes for everyone to enjoy.