Healthy Family Meals

We all want to give our family’s meals that are healthy and nutritious, but does a healthy family meal taste good, and how much does it cost? Healthy food can definitely be very tasty, and it does not have to cost a fortune, far from it. My website will show you how you can cook healthy family meals with ingredients from your supermarket, which are easy to prepare.

If you are new to cooking, don’t worry. Start with one reciepe and take it from there. For your first reciepe, make sure that you are not in a rush, or have a deadline, like Cubs or football training that someone needs to go to. Get all of the ingredients out before you start, ignore the clock and go at your own pace. If it takes you longer that the time given in the reciepe don’t worry. When you all sit down at the table you   will have achieved and prepared a healthy family meal. There will off course be comments, especially if it is a little different to your usual meals. Kids being kids will be sure to let you know if they like it or not., and they may be a bit dubious with something new. Sometimes telling them what is in it helps, however that tactic can also backfire! If I tell my boys that there are mushrooms in their dinner, I get all sorts of complaints, and Oscar winning amateur dramatics about how awful mushrooms are.  So all I do, is whizz the mushrooms up in a sauce and do not tell them that they are there. Homemade tomato sauce is great for hiding veggies. Along with mushrooms, I have hidden peppers and even courgette in a tomato sauce. This way everyone eats up, eats healthier than they think and you all have a healthy family meal. Do not feel in anyway guilty about doing this, parents have done it for ever and will continue to do so.

Healthy Family Meals

Life is for living and enjoying which means come the weekend, or a special occasion, we can all enjoy eating something which is not an everyday food. In our house Saturday is pudding day. By pudding, I mean not fruit salad and yoghurt or bananas and custard, but perhaps chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate sauce. Cooking from scratch means that even puddings, are generally much better for you than shop bought ones, with the added advantage that you know exactly what is in it. I have included a ‘Puddings Not Everyday’ section so you to can enjoy a pudding. What we want to do is to educate ourselves and our families what is meant by a healthy diet, and why it is ok to have a little of what you fancy but not every day. We can do this by making healthy family meals.

Ideally, we should all be eating at least one meal of the day together with our family’s, and if you have one, and sat round a dining table. If you do not have a dining table or room for one, make sure you are all sat together in the same room. Regardless of the presence of a table or not, there are a couple of cardinal rules that must be followed. Turn off the tv, radio, mobile phones and any other electronic devices that easily distract us from the here and now. Secondly, talk to each other. While that mind sound obvious, not all familys spend much time talking to each other.  People feel comforted by those they are close to and if you start eating together this bond with strengthen, As time goes on each family members who were once reluctant to share information, will feel able to talk about their day, the good bits and the difficult bits. Hopefully you will all feel able to laugh together, and laughter is a great medicine which makes us feel better.

Regardless of your current level of culinary skills, with a little planning and practising, you can makes healthy family meals.