Healthy Dinner Ideas

I think everyone in the land has struggled to think of healthy dinner ideas. Trying to keep your family’s meals varied while keeping them tasty and healthy can tax the best of us. As a child, having the same meal two days in a row was not on and was boring and ull, so keeping things varied will keep your family happy and they are then more likely to tuck in and enjoy their meal. However there are ways to make your life as easy as possible. Life is busy, and instant messaging and information sharing on social media seems to make life even busier. The time saving tip I use the most is bulk cooking. If I am making a chilli I make double quantites, it does not take very much longer to cook but is an instant dinner from the freezer for a day I know I am going to be pushed for time. Cooking in this way reduces the temptation to buy a ready meal or take away on the way home. Ready meals and takeaways are generally high in fat, salt and sugar so by cooking yourself you are ensuring that everyone eats a healthier meal. You will save money as well.

If however you do not have a freezer, you can still benefit from bulk cooking. Take Shepherd’s pie mix, have it with mashed potato on the top the day you make it. The next day or the day after, mix it with cooked pasta, or make individual Shepherd’s pies. Bake some jacket potatoes than halve them and scoop out the soft potato. Add the Sheperd’s pix mix into the empty potato skins, pile the potato on top and add some grated cheese. Return to the oven or put under the grill until the cheese is brown and bubbling.

Healthy Dinner Ideas

We are surrounded by cheap convenient food 24/7, unfortunately cheap convenient food is generally high in salt, sugar and saturated fat. This is a contributing factor in our increasing waistlines. By cooking healthy dinner ideas at home you are keeping a check on what goes into your meals and ensuring they do not contain excess salt, sugar or fat.

Children learn good and bad habits from their parents and those around them. If you set a good example when it comes to healthy food choices, and prepare tasty meals it should encourage them to do the same. You will notice that on My Family’s Favourite Food website I have a ‘not everyday desserts’ category. It does exactly what is says in the title, food is for enjoying and that includes dishes that we do not have everyday.

Getting children into the kitchen to help prepare meals is a good idea. However, practically it often does not work out that well, so even if you can get them in the kitchen for only 5 minutes that is a good place to start. By helping prepare food it shows them what the food looks like before it is prepared, what needs done to cook it and then the final result. At weekends I will often ask one of my boys what to choose what to have for dinner. This is another good way to get them in the kitchen as they tend to want to help a bit more.

If you do not have much experience cooking meals from scratch, do not fear. Pick a recipe, get all the ingredients out, ignore the time it says on the recipe to cook, and if it helps throw everyone else out of the kitchen and shut the door. Give yourself plenty of time and go at your pace. Children are very honest with their opinions, and this includes with food. So if you have cooked something new or different to your usual, comments will be made. Hopefully there will be positive comments, but be prepared, there may also be some not so positive comments. However, if you listen to the negative comments you may be able to alter the recipe slightly and keep everyone happy. So if there was not enough/too much curry paste, too much fresh corrinder or not enough sauce, these are small changes that you can easily make so that you can continue to make healthy dinner ideas and all your family enjoy them.