Happy Saturday


The snow drops are out and the afternoons are getting longer, meaning Spring surely can’t be far away.

With the kids back at school now is your chance to get organised and plan your dinners for next week. Planning ahead not only saves you time, but reduces the temptation to stop in for a takeaway or a ready meal on your way home. Cook double the quantity quantity you need, it will take you roughly the same amount of time to make, but if you freeze it, and then whip it out when you know that dinner time is going to tight for time, you have an almost instant dinner.

The recipe of the week is my Shepherd’s Pie perfect for doubling quantites. If you do not have a freezer you can still make double quantities without the family shouting ‘We had this last night!’. As a child, having the same meal two nights in a row was not on. Even though it does not bother me now, my kids object just like I did. So if you do not have a freezer, and even if you do, you can reinvent this shepherd’s pie. Oven bake some jacket potatoes. When they are ready halve them and scoop out the soft potato. Add the shepherd’s pie mix to the scooped out potato skins, top with the potato you have just removed, sprinkle with cheese and pop back in the oven until the cheese is melted and brown. Yum.

Get planning and get your family involved, after all it is their food too.  My Family’s Favourite Food can give you loads of ideas and inspiration.

Until next time, Alison


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