Grow Your Own Lunch

Grow Your Own Lunch


Yes, you can grow your own lunch! A few years ago I dabbled in growing courgettes and salad leaves and earlier this year I decided to try again. I thought I would stick to what I know to start with and began with courgettes and

Grow Your Own Lunch
Salad Leaves

salad leaves. Once again I have been pleasantly surprised how well things have grown in an average garden, with a non expert grower in a Scottish summer.

The salad seeds were planted straight into the soil, but not all in one go. Every 10 days I would plant a new row. Planting this way means that you have a staggered supply of leaves.

For the courgettes I planted the seeds into biodegradable pots, kept them inside overnight and put them outside during the day. Depending where you live in the UK or the world, you may not need to keep them inside for as long. Even in spring the nights can be chilly in Scotland.

Grow Your Own Lunch
Biodegradable Pots

My rhubarb has continued to thrive and does not seemed to have been affected by being planted in cold hard earth last November. Rhubarb crumble beckons!

I have discovered that there is nothing more satisfying than going out into the garden to pick lunch. It is not quite the ‘Good Life’ yet, but I have gained in confidence and have already decided on trying beetroot and leeks next year.

Even if you have never grown anything in your life, give it a go you may surprised yourself!

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