Family and Food


Food does so much more than nourish us. It brings us together with family and friends not only times of joy and celebration, but in times of grief and and sorrow. Food also marks the important events in the calendar which ever faith or religion you follow.

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day here in the UK so what better opportunity to all sit down together for a meal. If you can, make sure that no one has to rush out before the meal has finished. Are you the main chef in the house and are you also a Mum? Do you think the others in the house could make dinner for you? I think that Mum’s up and down the country would love to have dinner made for them on Mother’s Day even if that meal is beans on toast. I also think that it is important for other family members to take their turn in the kitchen.

To Those Doing the Cooking on Mother’s Day

‘What do we cook?’ I hear you shout. Firstly don’t over compliacte the menu, Mums are not looking for gourmet cooking. If you can, try and make sure at least one of the courses is something that you have made before. If you make a cold dessert it will make timings a whole lot easier. Whether you make two or three courses is entirely up to you and how confident you and your band of helpers are.

Sample Mother’s Day Menu

This menu is not about obtaining a Michelin Star, just simple, tasty, home cooking that any Mum will love to eat, especially if it has been cooked for her by her family. I have given you a choice for dessert so if you are feeling confident try the cake.

Tomato Soup   Spaghetti Bolognaise   Fruit Salad   Beetroot and Chocolate Cake

Give it a go, you may very well surprise yourself and Mum.

Happy cooking,


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