Eating our Veggies!


We all need to be eating our veggies, and a rainbow of colours is what we should aim for. Hands up if you have ever struggled to get your kids to eat their veg? My hand is up. I do not have a miracle cure but I do have a few ideas up my sleeve.

One of my boys likes his veg cooked while the other likes his raw. This is really easy to organise without any extra effort, as long as I remember to leave some of the veg out of the pan. They also have slight differences in the veg they like. Again this is easy, and it means that they eat their veg and we are harmonious. Yes, I admit it would be lovely if they ate the variety of veg that I eat, but I would rather they happily ate the veg they like then not to eat any at all. I think our food tastes do change as we go through life.

Variation in preparation is also another trick to try. Take carrots, rather than just boiling them they can be grated, eaten raw, mashed and also roasted. We readily roast potatoes and parsnips how about roast carrots? They are really easy to roast, and you never know, your reluctant carrot eater may be transformed.

When we eat we do so with not only our mouths, but also our eyes and nose as well. A colourful plate of food is far more appealing than a bland beige one. Adding a few frozen peas or sweetcorn to a plate will immediately transform it. Try different veg with your kids and let them choose the ones that they like best


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