Easy Healthy Family Recipes

Takeaway verses an easy healthy family recipe? Are you a family who loves takeaways, do you get them when you can’t be bothered cooking? There is no doubt that takeaways are easy, but have you ever added up how much you spend on them every week or month? You may get quite a shock. Not only are they heavy on our wallets, but more often than not they contain lots of calories, fat, sugar and salt. I don’t want to spoil the party, and I am definitely not saying ban takeaways, but it would be easy to spend £30 on a takeaway for a family of 4. Do this once a week for a month and you have spent £120. You can get an awful lot of shopping for £120.

What if you could recreate your favourite takeaways at home, for a fraction of the cost and a whole lot healthier? Here at My Family’s Favourite Food I have easy healthy family recipes that you can make at home. Recipes for everyday, for the weekend and for special occasions.

Food is not only to nourish us, it is to be enjoyed, shared with others and used in celebration and in times of sadness. Sharing a meal round a table brings us together and makes us feel part of a family or group of friends. When you are sharing a meal be sure to ban all electronic devices. By doing this no one can get distracted and lost in their own world, and conversation is encouraged. Share your day, the good and the not so good bits. I have a friend who is a Social Worker, she encourages families when they are all eating together, to each share a good thing that happened to them that day. It can be anything from your day, from ‘it did not rain’ to ‘I got invited to a party’. Doing this not only gives every family member the chance to speak and be listened to, but it also encourages questions and can lead to a line of conversation out with the ordinary.

Easy Healthy Family Recipes

I hear people say all the time that healthy cooking is difficult, or time consuming or that it is expensive. It does not have to be this way. Recipes do not have to be complicated or have unusual ingredients to taste good, and I can show you that given some easy healthy family recipes, you can give your family tasty healthy meals without spending a fortune. All you need is a recipe and a supermarket. If cooking from scratch is something that you are not used to and it all sounds a bit daunting, do not worry. Pick one recipe and plan to make it on a day when you have time. Lay all the ingredients out, ignore the length of time it says on the recipe to make it and go at your own pace. If it helps, close the kitchen door and actively discourage anyone coming in for a nosey. Give yourself a pat on the back when you are finished, and invite your family to sit down and enjoy your meal. There will be comments, there always are. Soak up the positive ones. If you get some not so favourable ones do not be disheartened, the meal you have made is quite possibly different from the ones you usually make. Human beings are not good at change, even if the change is for the better. Listen to the comments and see how empty the plates are at the end. I know quite a few people who grumble about what they are eating but still manage to finish it off.

When you are out shopping keep your eyes open for new recipes. Supermarkets often have recipe cards, while newspapers, magazines and food packaging are all good places to find new recipes. The internet has more recipes than any other source. You can search for a food item, chicken or a recipe, chicken casserole, and you will instantly have hundreds of articles and recipes. Take confidence in the meals you prepare using easy healthy family recipes.