Easy Healthy Family Cooking

How many times have you struggled to decide what to cook your family for dinner? You want everyone to enjoy it and it to be healthy. Do not worry as I have lots of ideas right here, and I will show you that easy healthy family cooking does not have to be time consuming or cost a fortune.

Everytime we go into the supermarket we are bombarded with more food choices than ever before, and some at an invitingly low price. Unfortunately not all of these foods are terribly good for us, as they are full of processed sugar and fat. One of the best and easiest ways to make your family cooking healthier, is to avoid ready made, processed food and cook your meals from scratch. This way you know exactly what is going into to your family’s dinner. However, cooking from scratch does not need to be difficult, and it can in fact save you time.

Planning your meals is a key part of easy healthy family cooking. If you plan and shop for your meals for the week ahead, it will reduce the times when you are in a rush, and either grab a take away or a ready meal from the supermarket on your way home.

Cooking in bulk and freezing the extra portions, is a great way of life easier for yourself on a busy day. The effort required to make double is very small, but the gains to be had when you are rushed off your feet are big. In fact heating something up from the freezer, and cooking some vegetables can be quicker than cooking a ready meal in the oven. So next time you make maybe chilli or bolognaise, make double and pop the extra in the freezer. If you only have an icebox size freezer in your fridge, do not worry, put the extra in your fridge. If you serve it up exactly the same the next day or the day after, it is highly likely that you will get complaints of ‘we have just had this, why are we having it again?’ This is where you can become imaginative. For example, if you have made two days worth of chilli, rather than having it with rice again, cook some baked potatoes. When they are ready chop them in half and scoop out the potato and mash. Fill the shells of potato skin with the chilli, put the mash on top with some grated cheese. Grill until the cheese has browned, and you should have no complaints. For me, bulk cooking is the single most time saving thing I do, and it gives me my own ‘ready meals’ straight from the freezer.

Easy Healthy Family Cooking

While we should all be eating healthily the majority of the time, it does not however, stop you getting the occasional ready meal, take away or making something ‘not everyday’. Food is for nutrition and health, but it is also for enjoying and sharing with family and friends. It serves a vital role in bringing us together in times of celebration and in sadness, and symbolises stages in the calendar. I have included a ‘Not Everyday Puddings’ category in my website for just this. These recipes  are still easy to prepare so bring them out at a weekend or birthday.

Easy healthy family cooking can be done even if you have very little experience cooking from scratch. I only use recipes whose ingredients  can be bought at a supermarket, so there will be no trailing to any specialist delis or small shops. Also, there are no complicated techniques or long lists of instructions. So if this is your first time cooking from scratch, pick just one recipe and give yourself plenty of time to prepare it. If it suits you best, render the kitchen off limits while you are cooking, then get all the ingredients out, ignore the preparation time given in the recipe and go at your own pace. Once you have served up and your meal has, hopefully, been enjoyed by your family, give yourself a pat on the back. Easy healthy family cooking is available to all.