Dried Beans or Cooked Beans?

Dried Beans or Cooked Beans?


Should you use dried beans or cooked beans? There are many types of beans and pulses to buy, both cooked in a can and dried. But which are better value, and is there a difference?

As a general rule of thumb, when dried beans are cooked, they increase in weight by 2 1/2 times. So 100g dried beans becomes 250g cooked beans. Cost wise dried beans are cheaper than canned beans. For example, 500g dried kidney beans costs £1.10 and a 410g tin of kidney beans is 55p. If you multiply the 500g dried beans by 2 1/2, you get 1,250g for £1.10. Three tins of tinned beans will give you 1,230g for £1.65.

Dried beans do however need soaking, often overnight, so they are not ideal for a quick meal you want ready in 30 minutes. Use whichever suits your needs best. Italian Bean and Pasta Soup is a recipe where I do use dried beans, and generally I use tinned elsewhere.

Having said all that, I do always use dried lentils. They cook really quickly and do not need pre soaking, and are quite a handy ingredient to have in the kitchen. Lentil bolognaise is a really quick and easy alternative to meat bolognaise.

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