Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk


Coconut milk is freely available in cans, but there is an alternative and more economical way to buy it. This is in the shape of creamed coconut. It comes in 200 g packs and is a solid mass of creamed coconut. All you need to do is weigh out the amount of creamed coconut you need, add the required amount of boiling water and stir until dissolved. There are instructions on the packed telling you how much creamed coconut and hot water you need to get your required amount of coconut milk.

I buy KTC Creamed Coconut 200 g which costs 80 p. If you were to use the whole packet, you would end up with 600 ml of coconut milk costing 80 p. A 400 ml can of coconut milk costs between £1-£1.60. The maths speak for themselves.

There is a catch however. Inside the box the creamed coconut comes in a vacuum packed bag. Trying to get into the bag is a challenge. It is so tightly wrapped around the coconut it is very difficult to find somewhere for your scissors to cut the plastic. Once you have battled your way in past the plastic wrapper, you then need a fairly heavy duty knife to chop off the creamed coconut. You are however, rewarded with delicious coconut milk.



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