Cheap Healthy Family Recipes

Can we ever have too many recipes, do you struggle finding new recipes that will please your family without spending a fortune? I know for certain that not having enough recipes can cause family meal times to become boring, and then the complaints roll in. The aim of my website is to show you that there are cheap healthy family recipes which are easy to make and will keep the whole family happy at dinner time.

I hear people saying that healthy food is more expensive and takes a long time to prepare. Good, tasty food does not have to cost a fortune, and it is my aim to provide you with easy, non complicated recipes that only require ingredients you can get at your local supermarket. You will amazed what you can prepare for your family with my cheap healthy family recipes.

Cheap Healthy Family Recipes

Healthy food is so much more than nut roasts and bean burgers of the 1980s, no offence to either of these. With a little forward planning and astute shopping, you can make cheap healthy food which is tasty, and does not take you hours to prepare. A good way to stop impulse takeaway or ready meal buying is to plan you weeks meals in advance. At the weekend I plan Monday to Friday’s meals and do the shopping. This prevents me from rushing into the supermarket before dinner, failing to decide what to make and end up buying a ready meal or going for a takeaway. This forward planning also takes the daily stress about deciding what to have for dinner. You know what is for dinner tonight, and you have the ingredients in the house.

Are you a brand buyer, or a supermarket own brand buyer? Maybe you go for what you always buy. Supermarket own brand goods are generally cheaper than their branded equivalent. For example, TESCO own brand Everyday range tinned tomatoes, 400g for 31p, 78p per kg. Their Italian chopped tomatoes are 35p for 400g, 88p per kg. If instead you buy a pack of 4 tins they will cost you £1.39 working out at 87p per kg. Napolina chopped tomatoes are 95p for 400g tin, a pack of 4 tins works out at £3.50 which is £2.19 per kg. As you can see there is a huge difference in cost. Many products will have this price difference. Not only are supermarket own brands cheaper, they often contain less salt, sugar and fat. Using supermarket own brand products, you will still get a tasty meal when following my easy healthy family recipes.

Most supermarkets will have different ranges of food. They generally have an everyday or basic range, middle of the way range, and then a Best or equivalent range. For certain items you are better off paying a bit more, however basics or everyday range for a bag of carrots, gives you exactly the same carrots as the more expensive ones. The basic ones just have carrots of different sizes. The same goes for chicken breasts, exactly the same meat except the pack weight varies rather than every pack weighing the same. You will find this all over the fruit and veg, meat and fish counters. For some reason we now like our food to be uniform when we buy it, rather than taking it as it come out of the ground or from an animal. You can take advantage of this next time you are doing your shopping. Take a little time to see where you can save a little money. You can do the same in the rest of the supermarket.

Recipes are everywhere. These days you can find a recipe in a newspaper, magazine, on line, on the telly, on food packaging, in food magazines or recipe cards from supermarkets and of course the old fashioned way, in a recipe book. My local library also has a decent selection of cookery books, and the advantage is that you do not have to buy a book for the one recipe you are going to use. Keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about and you will be able to find some new, cheap healthy family recipes.