Cheap Healthy Family Meals

‘What is for dinner?’ How many times have you heard this, and how many times have you said it yourself? Food is important to us all, tasty food is even better. As a child I remember what was for dinner was so important, did I like it, had we had it recently? We all need new meal ideas from time to time, and my recipes show you how to make cheap healthy family meals that everyone will enjoy. This may invlove adding new and perhaps different foods to your cooking, but nothing will be complicated.

Cheap food does not need to be processed or tasteless, it just requires a bit of knowledge and some planning. With these skills you can make cheap healthy family meals that everyone will enjoy. If you do not have much experience cooking, do not worry. My recipes only require ingredients you can find in your local supermarket, and there are no complicated techniques to master. If cooking from scratch is sounds a bit daunting, do one meal at a time. When the positive comments start pouring, in your confidence will grow in the knowledge that your are serving up cheap healthy family meals.

Cooking in bulk is a really easy way not only to keep costs down, but make life easier for yourself. If you are planning bolognaise for dinner, buy enough mince for two or even three days. Cooking in bulk hardly takes any longer, but buying ingredients in larger quantities is generally cheaper. Freeze the remaining portitions, then on a busy day take the bolognaise out of the freezer before you go to work. When everyone gets in after a busy day and are short on time, all that needs done for dinner is to cook some pasta and veggies and heat up the bolognaise. If you only have a fridge with a small ice box, don’t worry. The cooked bolognaise will keep in the fridge for a couple of days. To ring the changes, rather than having pasta with the bolognaise, cook some baked potatoes, halve them, scoop out all the potato and mash. Then put some bolognaise in the scooped out potato, top with the mashed potato and grated cheese. Pop them back in the oven until everything is hot and the cheese is melted and brown. Same sauce but it there will be no, ‘we had this the other night’ comments.

Cheap Healthy Family Meals

Keeping the cost of your food bills down is important to all of us, and there are a few simple steps we can use to help. Do you always by branded goods or supermarket own brand? Do you assume that branded goods are better? Next time you are in the supermarket have a look at the price difference between branded and own brand goods. Supermarket own brand goods are more often than not cheaper.

Sometimes healthy food gets a bad name, being portrayed as boring and tasteless. This is so far from the truth, it is full of flavour and colourful. We eat with our eyes along with nose and mouth. If we see a meal that looks appetitsing, we will approach it with a sense of anticipation. A dull looking meal, will change our opinion of what it tastes like even before we have tasted a mouthful. If you prepare cheap healthy family meals that are colourful and appetising, your family will barely notice that they are eating healthy food. It is a bit like exercise. If you are enjoying doing it, you do not notice that it is exercise.

Cheap, unhealthy food is all around us, tempting us. If you walk into any supermarket you can buy a packet of chocolate biscuits for much less than a pound, and Tesco sell their Everyday Value Caramel Biscuit Wafer Biscuit at 40p for a pack of 5. A bit of a bargain, and you may think it is perfect for familys on a low budget, however, I recently bought 5 bananas for 51p. While they are slightly more expensive than the chocolate wafers, they will fill you up for longer and are much better for you. I am not advocating never eating a chocolate biscuit ever again, far from it. It is about making balanced choices. My recipes will show you that you can make cheap healthy family meals.