Porridge With Balsamic Vinegar

What! Balsamic Vinegar and Porridge?


I am always on the look out for new recipes and food ideas, and there is information everywhere. Books, magazines, newspapers, supermarket magazines and recipe cards, the internet and not forgetting word of mouth.

When I was at my hairdressers last week we got chatting about food, and Sharon asked me if I had tried porridge with balsamic vinegar. Erm, no. It is not a combination I would have ever thought about putting together, even though I love balsamic, and have heard of strawberries and balsamic.

I got going and made a bowl of porridge, drizzled balsamic over the top and gave it a little mix. Sorry Sharon, but this was just wrong in every way!

So what have I learnt from this little experiment?

  • firstly, keep the balsamic vinegar to salads and savoury cooking
  • it is always worth following up on new suggestions, some will not be to your taste but you can get lots of good ideas from other people
  • there are no strict rules when it comes to food, just because a certain food is considered savoury, does not mean that it cannot be used in sweet dishes, and vice versa. Just give it a go!


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